Travel Health Certificates
Planning on traveling with your pet within the United States, or internationally?
There are two types of health certificates available: One which approves pets for travel within the continental United States, and another which approves them for international travel.
Your pet will receive an overall exam during which the doctor will be able to certify that your pet is healthy and safe for travel. The doctor will also verify that the rabies vaccination is current, as this is mandatory.
Travel Health Certificates
Typically, airlines require pet health certificates that are no older than 10 days. Be sure to check with your airline directly to find out what kind of documentation they require.
Always contact your airline a few weeks in advance of your flight to let them know you’re bringing a pet. Certain airlines have stopped allowing pets to travel in the cargo hold for liability reasons; others disallow pet travel during particularly hot/cold months.

Each airline has specific requirements for what kind of carrier may be used on or under the plane. In addition, every airline has rules regarding what kind of animals can travel in the aircraft cabin, from species to size.
American Airlines
Reservations: 1 (800) 433-7300
Air Cargo Section: 1 (800) 227-4622
For Military and Department of State (traveling on official orders)
Reservations: 1 (800) 241-4141
Live Animal Desk: 1 (888) 736-3738 or
1 (888) SEND PET or 1 (866) 782-2746
United Airlines
For Military and Department of State (traveling on official orders)
International Reservations:
1 (800) 538-2929
Live Cargo: 1 (800) 825-3788
Okay' stick your tongue out! ~ By Dr. Kenzo Tochiki
Health Certificates/Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for Your Dog.

The most important and wide-reaching certification you need to be aware of is known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Sometimes referred to as a “health certificate,” A CVI is essentially a document signed by a licensed veterinarian who has recently examined your dog to inspect for diseases and overall health.
CVIs are only valid for a certain amount of time – 30 days is standard – so be sure to schedule your vet exam according to the rules of your airline and destination state.

CVIs may be taken and held during travel so it’s a good idea to bring at least three hard copies with you.
There are additional certifications you need to be aware of before traveling with your dog. First, know that most states – even those that don’t require a CVI – DO require any visiting or resident dogs to have a rabies vaccination.
We recommend copies of health certificates, rabies certificates, and pet information be taped to carriers as well as with the travelers.
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