Spay & Neuter Surgery
There are Benefits of Having Your Pet Spayed / Neutered

Spays (Ovariohysterectomies) and Neuters (Castrations) are performed under general anesthesia at a minimum age of 6 months. A spay is recommended to prevent pregnancy, mammary cancer, and the development of pyometra which is a life-threatening condition in which the uterus can become infected and require surgery.

We want to set your mind at ease. We understand that surgery isn’t something you and your pet have to deal with often, so we’ll do everything we can to make the experience as stress-free as possible for both of you.
If your pet needs surgery, there’s no need to worry. When you’ve got the experienced, compassionate surgical team at Florence Animal Hospital on your side, you can trust that all of your pet’s surgical needs will be met.

Spay & neuter surgery doesn't always rank highly on the average pet owner's to-do list in terms of urgency -- but it's more important than you might think.

In addition to its power to prevent unwanted litters of baby animals, sexual sterilization can also protect your pet against a variety of significant health threats.

You can obtain this invaluable form of preventative wellness care right here at Florence Animal Hospital in Florence, SC.

Preparations, Procedures, and Recovery
You can have your pet spayed or neutered anytime from 8 weeks onward -- but the earlier, the better.

Sterilizing your pet before sexual maturity generally provides the greatest health benefits.

We'll perform a preliminary exam to check your pet's health and anesthesia tolerance.

Neuter surgeries typically take only a few minutes; some spay surgeries can take up to 90 minutes, especially if a mature patient is in heat. We may then provide your pet with a neck cone to prevent licking or biting at the incision.

Your veterinarian will also prescribe any painkillers, antibiotics, and home care routine needed to help your pet enjoy a safe and speedy recovery.
The Benefits
Neutering prevents pregnancy, may reduce aggression, helps prevent inappropriate marking, prevents testicular tumors, and prevents benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) in male dogs.

Spaying or neutering your pet will benefit their long-term health and reduce the stray population. (or overpopulation of strays)

There is a condition in male dogs and cats called cryptorchidism in which one or both testicles do not descend into the scrotal sac, but are still inside the abdomen. With this condition, there is an increased incidence of abdominal testicular cancer. In order to prevent this condition, and abdominal exploratory is necessitated to remove the testicular tissue in question.

At the same time, the removal of the reproductive organs also removes mating urges. This means your pet won't be compelled to roam the streets or get into aggressive struggles with other animals, which could cause serious injury to your pet.

Depending on the type of surgery performed, your pet will usually go home that day or evening.

The Benefits of Having Your Cat Spayed/Neutered
Spaying and neutering can improve your cat’s quality of life in several preventive ways.  These include:

  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduces loud vocalization
  • Prevents cat from going into heat
  • Decreases roaming tendencies
  • Reduces risk of uterine infections
  • Reduces risk of mammary tumors

  • Reduces roaming tendencies
  • Reduces loud vocalization
  • Reduces spraying/marking
  • Reduces risk of testicular cancer
  • Reduces risk of prostate problems (such as prostatitis, or enlarged prostate)
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