Laser Pet Therapy
Laser therapy is safe, painless, and effective
We are excited about the use of our Laser Therapy for pain management as it reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and releases natural endorphins in your pets body which can reduce the pain in your dog or cat.
Unlike when we go to our doctor, your pet can't always tell you where it hurts. Pets often mask their pain.

Laser Therapy for Pets is used for chronic and acute conditions, as well as to reduce post-surgical pain and inflammation.
The first step in the process is to determine what specific pains they are having. Every pet is different, and what’s right for one animal may not work for another. Our experienced staff will conduct a thorough analysis of your pet’s overall health, taking into account such important factors as the breed, age, weight and the existence of any medical conditions or other pain and health concerns they may have.
Laser Pet Therapy by Florence Animal Hospital
Your First Visit
The first visit will allow us to get to know each other better, and check your pet's health and start preventive care to prevent against future illnesses.

You can ask our veterinarians any questions you may have about your pet!
During your pet's first visit, your veterinarian will do a head-to-tail exam and check your pets overall health.

We will also check your pet for fleas, ticks and other external parasites.
We will work with your pets’ unique needs to make the visit an enjoyable time at Florence Animal Hospital.
We're looking forward to seeing you and your pet soon. If your visiting our clinic for the first time you can check-out our First Time Visitors Page.
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Dog & Cat Pain
Early detection and treatment are essential to avoid undue suffering.

Let us at Florence Animal Hospital bring out the very best in your animal friend!
If your cat or dog suffers from one or more of the following conditions, our veterinary laser therapy may be an ideal option for your pet.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative joint and disc disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Dermatologic disorders (hotspots, interdigital dermatitis, acral lick granuloma)
  • Acute and chronic otitis
  • Wounds
  • Fractures
  • Post-operative healing (to treat incision pain and reduce inflammation)
  • Acute traumas (sprains or strains without radiographic changes or ruptured ligaments)
  • Neurological conditions

If you have any questions, or would you like to set up an appointment. Call us at (843) 407-3747  or schedule online!
Other Specific Services
Wellness Exams
There are many different services that make up a wellness exam, which may vary depending on your pet’s breed.
Veterinary Services
The Wellness Exam
Diet, and Nutrition always begin with a thorough physical pet exam.
A large proportion of our older patients have osteoarthritis (arthritis) and their quality of life may be significantly improved with medical therapy.

Only about 15-20 % of cats* with severe arthritis show symptoms to owners such as limping or vocalizing.

They may have subtle symptoms such as stiffness, reluctance to use the litter box, reluctance to jump, loss of muscle mass, sleeping more, hiding, reluctance to be picked up, irritability, decreased interaction, or even excessive grooming/ pulling hair out.

Dogs with osteoarthritis may have symptoms such as stiffness, loss of muscle mass, limping (both weight-bearing or nonweightbearing), difficulty sitting down/standing up, difficulty jumping onto couch, difficulty getting into the car, and irritability when touched.

We offer treatments including several supplements such as glucosamine and omega fish fatty acids as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (Deramax, Rimadyl, Novox, and Metacam).

Some injections and other Pain Management have also been very successful as an additional option for arthritis pain management.
Our oldest current patient. 20 years young!
This is Rose and she came in today for her annual wellness exam. We think she may be our oldest current patient. 20 years young.
Specialized Care For Aging Patients

As our pets age there are a number of diseases and conditions that can impact them and shorten their lives and decrease their quality of life.
Did You Know?
"Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in adult pets, and can painful and potentially lead to heart or kidneys problems."
Dentistry & Teeth Cleaning - Learn More
Learn about Dentistry & Teeth Cleaning.

Dental disease is easily preventable! Regular dental cleanings with your veterinarian are important, your pet should also have their teeth brushed every day at home.
What Does Diet & Nutrition  Really Mean?
Diet, Nutrition & Weight Management consists of a combination of practices you can implement at home and services your FAH veterinarian can provide to help prevent disease and increase the life of your beloved pet.
During the wellness visit, our veterinary team will discuss a wide variety of topics with you to help you understand your pets needs and why routine wellness visits are necessary for keeping them healthy.

We’ll also explain the importance of vaccinations for, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, annual heart screening tests, wellness profiles, and much more.
Some studies show this percentage may actually be lower.
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