Ophthalmology Eye Care
Protecting Your Pet’s Vision: Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Problems
We are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pet eye diseases, conditions, injuries, and surgery.
Eye diseases and injuries interfere with your pet’s vision, and the continuing health of the eyes. There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate you need for veterinary assistance from Florence Animal Hospital.
In-House Diagnostics by Florence Animal Hospital
Your First Visit?
The first visit will allow us to get to know each other better, and check your pet's eyes and start preventive care to prevent against future illnesses.

You can ask our veterinarians any questions you may have about your pet!
Vet Eye Care by Florence Animal Hospital
During your pet's first visit, your veterinarian will do a head-to-tail exam and check your pets overall health.
We're looking forward to seeing you and your pet soon. If your visiting our clinic for the first time you can check-out our First Time Visitors Page.
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Some recognizable symptoms of an eye problem include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Discharge
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Pawing or rubbing the eyes or face
  • Swelling or lumps around the eyes

There are many conditions that may cause the eye to simply appear irritated, such as infections and eyelash or eyelid problems.
Animal Eye Care
Internal Medicine
In-House Services
Okay' stick your tongue out! ~ By Dr. Kenzo Tochiki
Okay' stick your tongue out!
As humans, when we are sick, we have the ability to go to the doctor, to explain what’s wrong and to receive the appropriate treatment for our eyes.

When our animals become ill, or have suffered an injury, however, it’s much more challenging to figure out what’s wrong with your pets eyes.

Because pets can’t speak, they can’t tell us what’s bothering them, where it hurts or what their symptoms are.
Our in-house Diagnostics and Laboratory Services allows our doctors to get the results they need, exactly when those results are needed.

In many cases, we can have answers for you before you and your pet even leave our Florence office.
Diagnostic Testing at Florence Animal Hospital
Blood work screening is important.
Diagnostic Screening & Testing
Every pet needs regular checks to be sure their health is as good as it can be.

Early detection of disease, many pets don’t exhibit signs or show symptoms.

Visit our Pet Diagnostic page.
Diagnostic Screening, X-rays & Testing
Digital X-Rays
With digital X-rays, we can produce images of your pet's bones and internal organs. Learn More
Parasites & Diseases
Heartworm Disease Testing
Dogs (and cats) of any age or breed are susceptible to heartworm infection.

If left untreated, heart worms can cause serious heart and lung disease that can lead to your pets death.
Learn more about Parasites & Diseases.
Most puppies can get roundworms from their mothers. Adult dogs, on the other hand, can become infected by ingesting infected soil or fecal matter (e.g. while grooming) or by eating infected animals such as rodents.

Hookworms are also transmitted by ingesting infected soil or fecal matter, but they can also burrow through your pet's paw pads.

Roundworms and hookworms may be transmitted to people, therefore, it is important to clean up after your pet and use good hygiene practices.

Whipworm eggs can survive in the environment for years and most commonly infect your pet through ingestion.

Tapeworms are the least harmful but are usually the most obvious. They are transmitted by ingesting an infected flea (e.g. while grooming) or an infected rodent. Your pet cannot get tapeworms by eating a tapeworm.
Preventive Healthcare, In-House Diagnostics
Preventive Healthcare is Key
We created our website to help clients better understand our In-House Eye-care Services and why quality eye healthcare is key to their pet’s long and healthy life, and to encourage you to regularly go see our veterinarian for guidance and ophthalmology services.

We hope you choose our veterinarians and the Florence Animal Hospital team.
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