Doggie Day Care
Indoor and outdoor play environment
We offer a friendly atmosphere for pets to enjoy their own "play day." This allows dogs to get the socialization and exercise they may need while owners are at work or enjoying the Pee Dee area.

At Florence Animal Hospital, our team is here to love and nurture your pets while you are away. Our goal is to give your pets a safe environment to keep them entertained throughout the day. We have an indoor and outdoor area for pets to lounge in and catch up on all the BARK gossip.

We also have a large, self contained outside area for your pet to run and play with their friends during the spring, summer and fall. They will also have access to shade and plenty of toys to keep them busy. Have no fear-during the winter months or poor weather conditions, we have a large indoor area for their continued enjoyment.  
Our boarding facility is an indoor climate controlled facility with a wide range of accommodations available. Your pet's comfort and health are our first priority. Unlike other Kennel and Daycare locations, our veterinarians are on site to attend to any medical need that may arise. Moreover, your pet’s medical records and history are at our finger tips.
Doggie Day Care
Your First Playtime?
Your First Playtime?
Florence Animal Hospital offers a clean, spacious day care area and is available for your pet's boarding needs.

Please try to call a day before to ensure there is enough space available.

All pet guests are fed one treat, and one time during a 5 hour visiting period. And of course plenty of water.

We do offer extra pampering and Additional daycare & medical services.

Pets staying with us can also take advantage of our grooming services. Please call for pricing information.
Rates, Records and Requirements
We're looking forward to seeing you and your pet soon. If your visiting our clinic for the first time you can check-out our First Time Visitors Page.
Schedule Appointment Call (843) 407-3747
Why Choose FAH
Doggy Day Care?
Doggy day care is the best way to ensure that your dog or pup is receiving the attention and care they deserve while you are busy with work, travel or running errands.
Our doggy day care program is designed to provide the perfect balance of playtime, personal attention and rest for your precious pet.

Our Day-Care incorporates five major elements to ensure that your dog receives the best possible care during their stay:
Playtime – Supervised small playgroup sessions will have your pup socializing with other dogs in a safe, controlled, environment.

Exercise – Our staff will ensure that your dog receives walking time regularly throughout the day.

Personal Attention – Your dog will be cared for by a thoughtful, well-trained staff so that they feel loved and welcomed during their visit.

Rest – While taking a break from play and exercise, your pup will have time to nap in a spacious and comfortable area.

Convenience - Open six days a week, we offer flexible pick up and drop off times to easily accommodate any schedule.
Make New Friends
Make New Friends
Making new friends for life, or at least for the day! We let them enjoy true doggy play time with other playful dogs.  
We always welcome daycare play dates with other pet owner friends.
Clean, Safe & Healthy FUN
Great for socialization both with other pets and people, it also adds stimulating activity and exercise that improves overall health.

Your dog can expect a day rich with exercise and attention, filled with interaction and play with dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Our day care is equipment and designed to provide a clean, healthy environment, reducing the spread of any diseases.

Dogs are supervised closely, good behavior and manners between the dogs are encouraged, and the environment in which the dogs interact is always highly controlled and managed.

We always maintain a good staff to dog ratio, that keeps us safe and enjoyable.
It's Time To Relax
Yappy Hour
Each afternoon, for a small additional charge, your doggy can participate in our Yappy Hour.

They will be given a special, home-made treat that has been frozen into a ball to enjoy.  It is refreshing and keeps your dog entertained for over an hour.

This treat can be added onto boarding or day care visits.
Small outdoor pool to play & relax
Small outdoor Pool to Play & Relax
Their's an added extra fee for pool time.
What's Included?
What’s Included for Doggy Day Care?
We offer more than dog sitting – we care for your pet like they are one of our own! Our doggy day care includes the following services:
  • An individual area with heating and air conditioning
  • Quality bedding material for nap times
  • Feeding sessions based on the duration of there visit
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Running and exercise time
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Medication and health monitoring, if necessary
  • Playtime with their favorite toy

Add The Extras To Give Your Dog A Spa-Like Treatment!

For an additional fee, you can add extras for your pups stay at FAH doggy day care, including specialty treats like Kongs, and our frozen treats or any of our grooming services to treat your dog to a spa-like daycare day:
 Hurry our day-care books up fast!
Additional day care treats & services can be added like;

  • Edible Bones
  • Frosty Paws (frozen treat)
  • one-on-one playtime and extra exercise for dogs (Pamper & Play)
  • Pet massage
  • Small outdoor pool to play & relax
  • TLC (10 extra minutes on leash)
  • Bathing & Pamper
  • Grooming Services
Extra Medical Services
While your pet is visiting at Florence Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of in-house services for daycare visitors.
  • Nail Trimming
  • Physical Exam by a Veterinarian
  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Fecal Parasite/Giardia Screening
  • Heartworm testing
  • Refills of Heartworm preventative
  • Dental Teeth Cleaning
Does your dog have a condition that requires extra monitoring or medication? In the event of a medical emergency, because your daycare is at our hospital means that veterinary care is available if necessary.
Daycare Hours:
Monday-Friday:  7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Saturday 8:00 a.m -12:00 p.m
Rates, Records and Requirements
Before your pet's stay at Florence Animal Hospital enjoying our Day Care & Boarding Kennel, please review the rates, records and requirements information.

Required paperwork and veterinarian records must be received 24 hours before your dog’s day care or boarding.

This ensures your dog's health and the health of other pets visiting Florence Animal Hospital.

Please take your leashes, collars, and cat carriers with you after dropping off your pet. We are not responsible for any lost or missing items.
Please call for Daycare pricing information.
If you want to check on your dog while you’re away, a member of our staff will always be happy to speak with you by phone or email.

Ask our staff about the opportunity for extras or additional amenities for your pet, and the accompanying costs.
Please make reservations in advance, especially over the holidays, so we can best accommodate your pet. Call today to make your reservation! (843) 407-3747
In the event of an emergency
An emergency contact phone number where you or another responsible party may be reached.

We will need to know if we can treat your pet for any conditions that may occur or if you would like to be contacted first.

Examples include vomiting, diarrhea, checking ears/skin, etc.

If an emergency arises we will immediately try to stabilize your pet unless a written DNR (do not resuscitate) order was signed at drop off.
Required Vaccines
Must Meet All Vaccinations and Parasite Test Requirements. No Exceptions.

Owners must provide proof of vaccines for your pet to visit. Having this information available at, or prior to the check in, will decrease your check in time.

Should you forget your proof of vaccines, we will need to re-vaccinate your pet.

All animals must have proof of current vaccinations prior to acceptance into daycare.

Due to the nature of daycare, dogs must be absolutely non-aggressive toward other dogs and people. Dogs are evaluated on an ongoing basis and other arrangements must be made for dogs showing aggressive tendencies.

All dogs over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered.

  • DOGS - DA2PP, Rabies, 6-month Bordetella (Intranasal), Annual Injectable Bordetella
  • CATS - FVRCP, Rabies
All cats staying in our boarding facility must provide evidence of current vaccination for rabies and distemper combo. If you need assistance with any of these services, please give us a call. We can schedule an appointment to have everything taken care of prior to your pet’s scheduled stay.

Medication, Feeding, and Special Care
We provide Low Fat pet food to our boarders along with fresh water. Some pets refuse to eat while visiting. When this happens, we will offer your pet a low residue canned food.

NOTE: Keep in mind, a change on diet added with the stress of being away from home will sometimes cause diarrhea. Owners are welcome to bring their own food.

Medications will be dispensed as needed for an additional charge.  All medication should be labeled with your pet's name and entered on boarding admission forms.

Bedding and Toys
You are welcome to bring small blankets, sheets, fleece squares or towels for your pet's bedding, or we will be happy to provide bedding for your pet if they are staying overnight in our kennel.

Please understand that while your pet may NEVER soil his bedding at home, sometimes in a boarding situation he/she may feel the need to mark.  For this reason, we request any bedding material brought from home be labeled with your name and must fit in a conventional washing machine.

Due to sanitation procedures, we cannot accept large stuffed beds, large quilts, sleeping bags, etc. Exceptions to this rule will be made for arthritic pets, pets recovering from surgical procedures, or highly stressed pets.

Florence Animal Hospital does its absolute best to safeguard your pet's belongings, but we CANNOT guarantee them from destruction or loss. To this note, please do not bring your pet's prized toy or expensive bedding as some pets may chew their bedding or toys. We will not accept any financial responsibility for the loss or destruction of your pet's property.
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